Sunday, 31 July 2016

Clarity Challenge for July - Days Out

This is my entry for the July Clarity Challenge - Days Out

Not sure where I was going with this once I'd decided to use one of my leftover backgrounds from the Calendar Challenge.   So I used the stencil heart (obvious!) and the abstract stencil to put a few bits of colour around the edge and then the wee folk stamps and the new funky alphabet for the words.   I was tempted to put a squiggle line around the heart but decided against.  I might go back and do that at some stage though!   I felt the heart just needed a bit of a break up around the edge which is where the birds came in !   Put a sharpie edge on and then mounted on green card.  

Friday, 29 July 2016

Claritystamp Calendar Challenge July 2016

This is my entry for the Claritystamp Calendar Challenge for July 2016.  I seemed to get a much smaller spottier effect that Barbara's when doing the acetate squishing! Can anyone tell me why that might be, I just didn't seem to get large patches of colour !